The Oddity Offprint, No. 1

Greetings and well met. (I learned that at a Renaissance Faire.) I’d like to introduce you to Catacombs & Comedians Presents The Oddity Offprint, No. 1 — A Collection of Five Fearsome Freaks. Exactly what is The Oddity Offprint, No. 1 (other than the aforementioned collection of five fearsome freaks)? It is Catacombs & Comedians first Kickstarter campaign. Well, officially it’s a Ø lvl Media Kickstarter, but Ø lvl Media is the producer of Catacombs & Comedians.

The Oddity Offprint, No 1 will be 5th Edition compatible with the “World’s Greatest Roleplaying Game.” (pssst… it’s D&D.) The zine will feature five fearsome freaks to challenge your adventuring party that are as absurd as they are horrifying — freaks that are used to thwart the characters of the Catacombs & Comedians actual-play D&D show.

Besides getting a nifty collection of weird monsters for your Dungeons & Dragons game, supporting The Oddity Offprint, No. 1 Kickstarter campaign is a great way to support the Catacombs & Comedians show. So, back away! (We don’t mean “back away” as in reverse your direction, we mean back the project.) Also, don’t forget to spread the word through your various social medias. Thanks, and may you make all of your saving throws.