Zanies Comedy Club August 23rd in Nashville

Hey, Nashville! Catacombs & Comedians is rolling back onto the stage at Zanies Comedy Club on August 23rd! The show will feature the continuing adventures of Egg Lorde (Chance Willie) the Human(?) sorcerer, Krugen (Canaan Whichard) the Dwarf monk, Balbap (Allison Summers) the Dragonborn barbarian, and George Kougias (Tanner Newcomb) the Half-Elf rogue. If you’ve been to any of the previous shows you know that you never know what’s going to happen when this group of intrepid adventurers try to complete even the simplest of tasks — let alone combat with a fearsome fowlboar.

Also, as a special bonus for our Catacombs & Comedians fans in the Nashville area, The Game Cave in Donaldson is offering a 25% discount on purchases of Dungeons & Dragons products with proof of purchase of tickets from the August 23rd show at Zanies in Nashville. That’s like rolling two natural 20s in a row. Huzzah!