Listen To The Very First Catacombs & Comedians Show

So, you missed the very first Catacombs & Comedians live on stage actual-play Dungeons & Dragons show performed at the Zanies Nashville comedy club. Or, maybe you were there and you want to relive the once in a lifetime experience. Either way, we’ve has got you covered.

The show was recorded live in front of an audience on May 24, 2022 at Zanies Comedy Club in Nashville, TN, and features stand-up comedians Chance Willie, Tanner Newcomb, Canaan Whichard, Alison Summers, and non-stand-up comedian Dan Taylor — your Dungeon Master.

The audio of the show is being offered free of charge for your listening pleasure (or morbid curiosity) from the Ø lvl Media Patreon, the architect behind Catacombs & Comedians. You don’t need to pledge to the Patreon in order to listen to the show (but, we wouldn’t mind if you did).

Click on the laughing d20 to listen…