Second Show At Zanies Nashville

Catacombs & Comedians, the actual-play Dungeons & Dragons show featuring stand-up comics, returns to Zanies Nashville on June 21, 2022. The show will once again feature local stand-up favorites Chance Willie, Allison Summers, Tanner Newcomb, and Canaan Whichard, as well as Dungeon Master Dan Taylor (who is not a stand-up comedian).

If you were at the first show on May 24th, we’d love to see you at this show. The adventures of “Seal Team Six” (it’s what they’re currently calling themselves—sigh) continue as they take on the adventure offered to them by their new adventure agent, Ari Gant. If you missed the first show, don’t worry. It won’t be hard to catch up with what is going on. Hell, the players don’t even know what’s going on.

Roll for hilarity. Stand-up comedy crosses swords with Dungeons & Dragons and myth meets mirth. Join an amusing adventuring party of intrepid comedians as they explore a realm both fanciful and funny while playing the world’s greatest role-playing game live on stage. With a show called Catacombs & Comedians, it’s bound to get weird.

Tickets are available for purchase at the Zanies Nashville website.

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